Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj is well-known as a social reformer. During his extensive Padyatras(tours by foot) in the northwestern Himalayan region of Garhwal, Maharaj Ji came to know about the endemic problems of the area and has been actively advocating various social welfare programs to promote literacy, employment and a fair deal for women ever since. His task, as he sees it, is to "restore respect for the past, find solutions in the present and devise a proper course of action for the future". He is trying hard to unite all sections of society under the banner 'One Nation, One Flag, One Spirit'. He urges people not to rely on the Government to solve their problems, but to break through their mental barriers and caste prejudices to uproot communal hatred, in order to work together for the sake of society as a whole.

Years of tireless effort and extensive touring of India, Nepal and Bhutan led to a series of padyatras (a long march with a spiritual and/or social purpose).